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Final performance: Sunday 5 March

Spring Awakening



Directed by: Kostas Papakonstantinou

The Greek Theatre Production Company "From the bowels of the Earth" presents

In the 2022-23 theatrical season, the Greek Theatre Production Company "From the bowels of the Earth" presents Frank Wedekind’s masterpiece, directed by Kostas Papakonstantinou at the newly founded Noūs Theatre.

When in 1891 Frank Wedekind wrote Spring Awakening, he consciously wanted to rock the calm waters of Victorian Europe. During the last years of the 19th century the emergence of psychoanalysis, the feminist revolution, the spread of socialism, the national, political and social conflicts that would lead in two decades to the outbreak of the Great War are shaping a new world that is more challenging, faster, more dynamic. Wedekind observes, judges, and reveals to the audience, with painful frankness, that adults' ignorance, lack of understanding or indifference to the adolescent psychic world leaves young people wondering, exploring, despairing or ultimately finding a path for themselves. Masturbation, homosexuality, rape, abortion, suicide, prostitution, child abuse, themes that dominate the life and thought of the adolescent heroes of the drama, earned it the title of one of the most provocative works in German dramaturgy and caused it to be banned in many countries. Today, at a time equally turbulent and challenging, young people are experiencing similar challenges and concerns about their bodies, their sexual identity, their relationship with adults, religion, education, and so the Spring Awakening remains extremely timely, painful and challenging.


Premiere: Saturday 5 November 2022 at 21:00 till 5 March

Duration: 85 minutes (without intermission)

Performances programme: Every Sunday at 20:00
Location: Noūs Theatre- Creative Space, Troias 34, Athens https://goo.gl/maps/H5s9ZbcQwUnv15aT9

Tickets: 12€ (general admission) and 8€ Reduced cost admission (disabled people, unemployed, students)

Booking:: 210 8237333 | Mob.: +30 6907105203 & +30 6944130219

Email theatre: info@theatrenous-creativespace.com

Parking: 5€ from 20:00 til 00:00 by showing your ticket.

Parking location: https://goo.gl/maps/C1FUemc53UHgQjV3A 


*In all areas of the theater, all the necessary protection measures against Covid19 are observed.



Alexandra Voutzouraki


Kostas Papakonstantinou

Assistant director

Danae Toraki


Margarita Trikka


Nikos Zournis

Set - Costume designer

Vicky Pantziou, Constantinos Pavlides

Lighting designer

Marietta Pavlaki

Photographs, graphics, poster design

Constantinos Pavlides

Promo trailer

Constantinos Pavlides

Public Relations

Angie Nomikou

Production Management

«From the bowels of the Earth»


Eloris Alpanidou

Vangelis Zapas

Eleni Kousta

Lykourgos Badras

Aris Batagiannis

Ileana Papagianni

Elena Stavrou