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The Parenting School



By Christos Daskalakis
Directed by Efthimis Christou

"What is this great building on the top of the hill? Why is it filled with grown-ups sitting behind desks? Why are the doors opened wide and the courtyard filled with bicycles and the hearts filled with hope?"

During the theatrical season 2022-23 Dimitris Fotopoulos Theatre Company IKE presents the original theatrical play for children entitled "The Parent School", in collaboration with the writer Christos Daskalakis and the director Efthimis Christou.

After the huge success of the play "The snowflake that loved summer", which run for two consecutive years at the Alkmene Theatre, the imaginative and always pivotal writer Christos Daskalakis delivers, this time, in the hands of the director Efthimis Christou, his new best-selling children's book entitled "The Parent House", which is staged for the first time and premieres at the new and newly renovated theatre Nous, in early November.
The children's book "The Parent school", after its great publishing success, traveled and continues to travel, along with its author, to bookstores and schools throughout Greece meeting thousands of students and thus giving the opportunity to children to talk about their own "ideal" family and present their own ideal world.
Having already become a powerful tool of dialogue in the hands of educators and psychologists, now is the time to come to life on stage, to enchant, awaken, excite the imagination, move, give joy to young spectators and to evoke a dialogue concerning the relationships between children and parents and beyond.
In the fictional world of the original play" the parenting School", a young child, Pavlos, seeks to find parents with whom to create a real and happy family. Here, instead of child-hosting institutions, there are only institutions for adults and here prospective couples are trained on how to become the best prospective parents: cooking and nutrition classes, housework, vocabulary, boundary checking and patience exercises.
They are also taught how to welcome a child, how to care for him/her, talk to him/her, listen to him/her, but most importantly how to show him/her love and offer him/her security.
But as the years go by, some parents leave the parental home happy and content, others stay behind still waiting.…

"You, what do you want from a child?" asked Paul, and he blushed with shyness and embarrassment.
"To let us love it as it is, for what it is, from today and forever, they answered it almost with one voice..."

"The parent House", based on the book of the same name by Christos Daskalakis, with the sensitive , optimistic-and with humor - theatrical adaptation by Socrates Patsikas and the directorially poetic look of Efthimis Christou, is the story of a child who seeks a safest embrace. It's a subversive story that wants "kids" to prevail and control.
Through this original journey, children can discover what "acceptance" and "rejection" mean, "limits" and "freedom", "should" and "want", learn how to overcome their fears when faced with dead ends and how with love and patience their dreams can come true.

"After all, parenting doesn't just mean play and freedom.",
Whispered a voice in his mind,
"Love also means boundaries, security and real interest."
Will Paul be able to make his dream come true? Will he be able to understand and find the right parents with whom he will live happily ever after?

The parent school is that story about life's greatest gift. Children!



Premiere: Sunday 6 November 2022 and every Sunday at 12:00.
Monday until Friday pre- booked performances for schools

Duration: 90 minutes (with intermission)

TICKETS (on Sunday):
A zone: 12€
B Zone: 10€
Reduced cost admission (disabled people, unemployed, students): 8€
Free pass: 5€
Group school reservation (Monday- Friday): 6€



Christos Daskalakis

Theatrical Adaptation

Sokratis Patsikas

Direction- Movement

Efthimis Christou


Theofilos Pouzbouris

Set designer

Konstantinos Haldaios

Costume designer

Evelina Tharzenda

Lighting designer

Giorgos Photopoulos

Assistant director

Kosmas Kotsi

Assistant costume designer

Matina Skarou


Ipatia Kornarou

Promo trailer

Christos Symeonides

Graphics & poster design

Forbidden Designs- Dimitris Gelbouras

School- Group tickets

SD Concept- Sissy Dimaki

Public Relations

Angie Nomikou

Production Manager

Vaso Douka

Production Management

Dimitris Fotopoulos Theatre Company IKE


Christos Kapenis

Evi Koliouli

Perikles Lianos

Filini Panagiotopoulou

Odysseas Petrakis

Maria Stavari