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Every Saturday at 21:00




του David Gieselmann

directed by: Alexandra Voutzouraki

The Hellenic Theatre Production Company “PHOTON OF ART AND CULTURE” presents the play “Kolpert” by David Gieselmann translated by Giorgos Depastas and adapted- directed by Alexandra Voudzouraki from Saturday, January 14 2023 and every Saturday at the recently established NOŪS Theatre.

In 1948 Alfred Hitchcock presents the film Η θηλιά The Noose where two young friends kill a fellow student for no apparent reason, place him in a chest and then throw a party around it. David Gieselmann uses the same central idea for his black comedy: A couple, Sarah and Ralph, kill Sarah’s boss, Mr Colpert, cut him up, stuff him into a trunk and invite Edith, Sarah’ s colleague, with her husband, Bastian, for dinner in order to have fun. What was their motive? The routine which, as Sarah says, “exceeded our endurance”. Why Mr Colpert? “Because he seemed so useless, so incapable of feeling anything”. With irony, bitterness, sharp humor and tenderness, Gieselmann presents a modern man/woman trapped in schematic, superficial and abusive personal, professional and friendly relationships, a modern man/ woman bound by social norms of acceptable behavior that oppress him, a modern man/ woman who tries desperately to hide the beast screaming inside him. In 1948 the murder seems absurd and the murderers are finally discovered and punished, in 1999, the year Kolpert was whritten,murder is a way out, ultimately vindicated as a choice and, like a virus, spreads, dominates and liberates.

Kolpert at NOŪS Theatre every Saturday from 14 January 2023 at 21:00, for only 10 performances.


Premiere: Saturday 14 January 2023 and every Saturday at 21:00.

Duration: 80 minutes (without intermission)


General admission: 12€

Reduced cost admission (disabled people, unemployed, students): 8€

Free pass: 5€

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE: https://www.ticketmaster.gr/homePage.html/ticketmaster_se_2005976.html

Location: Theatre Noūs - Creative Space, Troias 34, Athens https://goo.gl/maps/H5s9ZbcQwUnv15aT9

Booking:Mob.: +30 6944830500 & +30 6970629431

Communication: 210 8237333

Email theatre:info@theatrenous-creativespace.com

Parking: 5€ from 20:00 til 00:00 by showing your ticket.

Location Parking: https://goo.gl/maps/C1FUemc53UHgQjV3A





David Gieselmann


Giorgos Depastas

Adaptation- Direction

Alexandra Voutzouraki

Assistant director

Lykourgos Badras

Set designer

Alexander Clotsotiras

Costume designer

Hara Kontaxaki

Lighting designer

Giorgos Agiannitis

Photographs, graphics, poster design and promo trailer

Constantinos Pavlides

Public Relations

Angie Nomikou

Production Management

Sapfo Konstantara, Evangellia Kalogianni




Katerina Georgiadou

Lambros Kalogiannis

Alexander Clotsotiras

Alcmene Pastanatzi

Kostas Spanos