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True facts and testimonies of women and underage girls who have been exposed to abusive conditions online.

«…In recent years we have seen Andromeda bring to the stage cases of endless suffering, where human beings have become marketable species, playthings in the hands of a callous and opportunistic power, or objects of abuse in the most sensitive period of their lives. This year we are presented with the anatomy of the chaotic digital-virtual world with its far from virtual impact on people's lives.»

Anastasia Vlachogeorgaki
Responsible for the Early Intervention Unit about
problematic use of the Internet

Four years after" Women from dirt" with the testimonies of HIV-positive women, "Understand me or I devour you" that dealt with the abuse of children from around the world and the" Trade" related to human trafficking, the Andromeda Theatre Group deals with Electronic Crimes, a huge social phenomenon that is shaking the modern world. Stories of victims of abuse through the internet became the inspiration for an original play, which aims to inform, reflect and ultimately act against this global phenomenon. Like all previous theatre productions of "Andromeda" the play is based on true testimonies, this time on testimonies of women and underage girls, who have been exposed to various forms of abuse via the internet.


Three women decide to spend an evening drinking and chatting. In the house with them is also the minor sister of the hostess. All four are different from each other, different ages, different origins. They confess stories in which they have been victims or abusers through the internet. Online extortion, sextortion, revenge porn, bullying, challenges, scams and internet addiction.The four protagonists are revealed.

The forms of cybercrime that are addressed through the show are gendered online crimes that often lead to public shaming (sextortion, revenge porn), online bullying, challenges that lead to suicides, various forms of abuse that take place in chat rooms, dating apps and social media and ,finally, internet addiction.

Andromeda group Note

Our aim, through this theatre production, is to raise awareness and inform the public about the types of electronic crimes, as well as to encourage people to turn to the authorities for their protection in case they fall victim to fraud/abuse via the internet. We believe it is important that people-and especially adolescents-are aware of taking the necessary protective measures. The internet is a vast, unexplored world, most of the time viewed with ignorance of danger. That's why it's important that we talk openly about this new aspect of our lives and that we all know our rights and the ways in which we can protect ourselves.
We think it necessary to continue to talk about what we are not entitled to ignore!


Shows:  Extension of performances until 6th April

Days & Hours: Every Thursday at 21:00.

General admission: 13€
Reduced cost admission (disabled people, unemployed, students): 10€
Free pass: 5

Duration:  75 minutes



Project writing

Andromeda Theatre Group

text composition

Andromeda Theatre Group

Direction- Lighting designing

Panagiotis I.E. Vasileiou

Direction- Lighting designing

Anastasia Tsoutsi

Visual Editing

The Krank

Set Design

The Krank



Τeaser/ Trailer

Vina Sergi

Graphics Design

Νοve Graphics


Fani Grilli

Dina Koukou

Sophia Rouva

Anastasia Tsoutsi