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Every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00

人生 (Life)



The play « 人生 » is based on the "Cherry Orchard" by Chekhov and is a creation of the KATO group based in Heraklion, Crete. This is its first theatrical work in Athens with the support of the municipality of Heraklion, Crete .

The trees of life that take deep roots in the Earth and try to reach heaven, the man part of Mother Earth with roots in history tries to equate spirit with God , the actor full of love and faith in his unknown present, asks the viewer the most basic question: "to be or not to be" , yes or no? the life that goes and the life that comes. Happiness, affection, love are the main axes of this show. A comedy with tragic encounters with the moment of truth.

What is the Cherry Orchard, what the past means to us. Who can leave? a performance with the actor himself at the center , a group creation with a lot of singing and dancing.


Premiere Monday 6th May and every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00


General admission: 15€

Reduced cost admission (disabled people, unemployed, students): 10€

Free pass: 7€

Location: Theatre Noūs - Creative Space, Troias 34, Athens


Communication: 210 8237333

Email theatre:info@theatrenous-creativespace.com

Parking: 5€ from 20:00 til 00:00 by showing your ticket.

Parking location: https://goo.gl/maps/C1FUemc53UHgQjV3A



Panos Ioannidis


Magda Kaloriti


Nikos Liaskos

Lightning Design- Photographs

Christina Fylaktopoulou


Dafne Markaki

Hera Damigou

Chara Nikolaou

Madeleine Harcourt

Foibus Ioannidis

Aris Batagiannis

Savvas Pogiatzis

Giannis Tsaniras

Giorgis Kourlas

Giorgos Liakos

Giorgos Giokas

Panos Boras

Dimitris Galanakis

Nikos Liaskos