Through exercises and improvisations everyone will unfold his / her abilities and will express himself / herself consciously aiming to the liberation of himself / herself. Our intention is to overcome the standard ways in which we relate to our body, our emotions and to other people.

"The theatre is a verb rather than a noun, an action rather than a part."
Martha Graham

Every Wednesday 18:00-20:00
Courses start: 26/10/2022





  • Works as an Actor in theater and television
  • Graduated from Athens Stage Drama School of Kalvos-Kalambokis. 
  • In 2021, in his fist television appearance, played Socrates in the series "Helios".
  • This year is appearing in the series "Trapped", in role of the lawyer Angelos Hatzis
  • He has worked with acclaimed directors such as Michalis Kalambokis (Madness of Valencia), Grigoris Karatinakis (Kyria Koula), Kostas Papakonstantinou (Slaughterhouse), Triantafyllos Deli (Executives)
  • Currently he is teaching and managing the theatrical workshops of the Municipalities of Oinousses and Perama.


It is the acting method which has as a basic component the actor's body. It will provide all the materials needed for his/ her performance. Kinetic, gestural, semantic, mimetic, dance, acrobatic and vocal materials. Physical and not verbal context, everything is formulated through body and facial expressions. Of course, words are not completely absent, just few and far between. Research is a crucial tool of this method.

Every Friday 17:00-19:00
Courses start: 4/11/2022



Choreographer – Professor of Kinesiology and Dance


  • Choreographer – Professor of Kinesiology and Dance
  • Graduate of Petrova Dancing School and of the Royal Academy of Dancing (with honors) 
  • Studies in piano and singing 
  • Many choreographies at the National Theatre and other important theatrical institutes (private and public), at Festivals in Greece and abroad and at the Epidaurus Festival.
  • Graduate of Athens Law School


Taking into account the special needs and concerns of the adolescents, our aim is expression, cooperation, friendship, the liberation of movement and mind and the cultivation of the abilities of each adolescent. Through the courses they will learn to express their desires and ideas, to develop their critical thinking, their ethos and their self-esteem. 

Every Saturday 15:00-17:00

Courses start: 5/11/2022


Our Theatrical Workshop includes theatrical play, music, dance, singing, theatrical teaching. We want each child to get to know him/herself better, to gain confidence and knowledge. In addition to learning discipline, team work, and socializing. After all, it has been proven that theater contributes to the development of every child’s personality.

Every Saturday 10:00-12:00

Courses start: 5/11/2022





  • Director and actor. 
  • Graduate of VEAKI Drama School in 1996
  • He has been working since 1999 as an actor in theatre, film and television.
  • He made his first professional, theatrical direction in 2012
  • He teaches acting at The Drama School of the Piraeus Association 
  • In recent years he collaborated with the Municipal Theater of Piraeus and the municipality of Maroussi as director in teen theater programs 
  • He directs the teenage theatre workshop of the Piraeus Association